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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Now I return to you, my dear child: I am really so much obliged to you and to them, that I know not what to say. I read Pennee's5 letter to Sir E., who was much pleased with his discretion; he will be quite a favourite of mine. And now we are longing for the picture ; you know, of old, my impatience.
Your young secretary-servant is looking out for a ship, and will set out in the first that goes: I envy him.
The Court has been trying, but can get nobody to stand for Westminster. You know Mr. Dodington6 has lost himself extremely by his new turn, after so often changing sides: he is grown very fat and lethargic; my brother Ned says, ' he is grown of less consequence, but more weight.'
One hears of nothing but follies said by the Opposition, who grow mad on having the least prospect. Lady Carteret7, who, you know, did not want any new fuel to her absurdity, says, ' they talk every day of making her lord8 first minister, but he is not so easily persuaded as they think for.'
Good night.                                               Yours ever.
B Probably Peter Penne" or Penny, a gentleman of French extraction, who held an office in the Custom House.
0 George Bubb Dodington had lately resigned his post of one of the Lords of the Treasury, and gone again into Opposition. Walpole.— B. 1691; d. 1762; or. (April 6, 1761) Baron Melcombe of Melcombe Eegis, Dorsetshire; Envoy to Madrid, 1715-17; Lord of the Treasury, 1724-40 ; Treasurer of the Navy, 1744-49,1755-56, April-June, 1757; Treasurer of the Chamber to the Prince of Wales, 1749-51. His political self-seeking was notorious, and is frankly re-
vealed in Ms Diary (published in 1784).
7  Frances, daughter of Sir Robert Worseley, and first wife of John, Lord  Carteret, afterwards Earl of Gf-ranville.    Walpole.
8  John Carteret (1690-1763), Lord Carteret; succeeded as second Earl Granville,   1744;    Ambassador   to Sweden, 1719-20 ; Secretary of Stata for the Southern Province, 1721-24, Feb. 10-14,  1746; Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, 1724-80; Envoy to the Hague, 1742; Secretary of State for the   Northern  Province,   1742-44; K.O-., 1749; Lord President of tho Council, 1751-53.